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Key Features: 

  • MUPS are important variant of solid oral dosage forms containing pellets (Microgranules) in tablets
  • Pellets in capsule is also another dosage form
  • Modified released products can be developed by Pellets & MUPS technology
  • White or nearly white
  • Better sphericity: Better processing, DMF No: 033848 uniform layering on the surface which leads to accurate drug release
  • Narrow particle size distribution: Better content uniformity, uniform particle size of finished microgranules, uniform surface area which yields to uniform / reproducible drug release.
  • Very low friability / Better hardness: Its high mechanical strength makes it most suitable starting material for manufacturing of microgranules
  • Non reactive substrate: Suitable for direct drug layering
  • Controlled swelling: Uniform drug release
  • Smell & odor free
  • Insoluble in non aqueous solvents



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