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Lactose and Starch both derived from natural origin and are well established for pharmaceutical applications. These two ingredients widely used as excipients for oral solid dosage forms. Lactose and starch are well known for their binding and diluent functionalities. Additionally starch can be used as disintegrants also. To take the advantage of synergistic functional effects of lactose and starch both these excipients were co-processed together with the state of art technology. Synergistic effects were observed in flow properties and compressibility and direct compression as compared to physical mixtures, at the same time faster tablet disintegration.

Functionality of STARLOSE®:
  • Diluent
  • Binding agent

  Advantages of STARLOSE®:
  • Direct compression – STARLOSE® is highly suitable for direct compression. STARLOSE® has multi functionality as it has synergistic effect of its individual components achieved through co-processing and particle engineering.
  • Superior granule properties
  • Excellent flowability
  • Blend uniformity
  • Superior compaction and compressibility behaviour
  • Robust tablets with reduced friability
  • Formulation will meet dissolution requirements
  • Cost effective – Avoids costly wet granulation step
  • Overall improved stability

  Areas of Application:
  • Direct Compression
  • Dry granulation
  • Dispersible formulations
  • Diluent for capsule formulation
Regulatory & quality information:
  • The raw materials used to manufacture STARLOSE®, lactose monohydrate, and maize starch, comply with requirements as per IP, EP, USP-NF monographs.
  • There is no chemical modification resulted while co-processing, individual chemical identities are maintained as it is, STARLOSE® can be considered as a physical mixture of individual excipients with engineered particle structure.


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