USP/NF monograph product with superior physical properties to formulate products with sticking tendency and to achieve better hardness.



Key Features :

  • Higher Bulk Density reduces the tendency of segregation in MUPS formulation and makes it most suitable for such dosage form.
  • Possibility of formulation of high tablet weight / capsule fill weight in smaller die / capsule size respectively.
  • Homogenously physically bounded glidants provides uniform / consistent finished product with respect to reduce sticking and hardness.
  • Reduced sensitivity towards hydrophobic lubricants such as Magnesium Stearate.
  • Reduced sensitivity to lubrication time and blending time, improves reproducibility.
  • Preventing Segregation in MUPS
  • Preventing Crushing of pellets


Cas no. – 212693817 (9004-34-6 / 112945-52-5)