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Key Features:

  • Large Surface area of Light Magnesium Oxide gives enhanced protection / stability to acid labile APIs from a 360° alkaline microenvironment.
  • Improper die filling. Segregation tendency (leads to weight variation / non-uniform alkaline microenvironment / unstable formulation)
  • Handling and processing with Light Magnesium Oxide is challenging, DiCOM-DC® SP204 designed in a way for easy handling and maximum protection.
  • Light magnesium oxide is very fluffy and difficult to process directly
  • Tooling damage, in some cases. Special coating required on tools.
  • Uniform Alkaline protection from all the side.
  • Compression at high speed with uniform weight and quality attributes.
  • Enhanced Stability for acid labile APIs.
  • Better product quality, robust tablet with reduced friability.
  • Reduced tolling damage because of indirect contact and protection by other excipients in combination. No special coating required on tools… Alone DCPA, exhibits capping and lamination at high pressure of compaction
  • High bulk density makes this product suitable to formulate high tablet weight / capsule fill weight in smaller die / capsule size respectively.

Chemical Name: Microcrystalline cellulose – 35 to 45 %, Light Magneisum Oxide – 18 to 28 %, Sodium Starch Glycolate – 3 to 10 %, Pregenlatinized Starch – 3 to 8 %, Maize Starch – 10 to 18 %

CAS Number: 9004346 / 1309484 / 9063381 / 9005258 / 9005258



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